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BeMe empowers Autistic individuals, their families, and care teams with the tools they need to thrive.
BeMe combines medical, behavioral and environmental factors in an insight generating app designed specifically to support Autistic children.

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What are Families saying about BeMe?

The sleep tracker helped us to understand that our child was waking up quite frequently in the night, and not experiencing normal sleep patterns…”
Hayley W. and Davide F.
Port Credit, Canada

BeMe is powerful and easy-to-use tool that makes it really convenient to track all sorts of things, like sleep, the consistency of bowel movements, the number and intensity of meltdowns, sugar intake etc. We don’t know of any other tool that does it so easily (minutes, not hours!). Imagine the power and the time saved, when you know clearly what is having an impact on your child’s life ? Which intervention is actually helping ? Which program you don’t need ? It’s huge !!

Kim Pomares

CEO of Mendability

My daughter and I have loved using!
My daughter regularly asks me to log on so she can tell me how she feels. She likes to select the face that she connects with, and it helps her to communicate how she's feeling.
I like BeMe because it's helped me to identify behaviors and what is triggering them.BeMe is a wonderful platform that has connected me with my daughter in ways that I didn't think I could.
I am so grateful for this community.

Amy Ouzoonian

CEO of MoodConnect
Parent to Autistic Child
Phoenix, AZ

During my time using the program I have found that the data tracking around behavior is quite helpful, particularly for therapists who request data in order to suggest appropriate strategies. I find the support of a real person behind the app is unique particularly when a child is first diagnosed. I felt very alone and overwhelmed in the beginning and realize it truly takes a village."

Erin H.

Gloucester, Canada

I’m so glad to have been introduced to the BeMe app. I have tried a few other tracking apps but I feel the BeMe app has been the most helpful and beneficial for tracking my child’s day. Especially in regard to diet, supplements, the Bio Diary, behaviors and much more.

Natercia A.

Toronto, Canada

Being able to input dates, times and any extra notes has been so very helpful. I also like that the app remembers many of the supplements given repetitively as well as daily occurring behaviors so that there is no need to input the info again and again. And I really appreciate the charts with a summary of all I have recorded throughout the weeks and the option to print.”

Natercia A.

Toronto, Canada

The sleep tracker helped us to understand that our child was waking up quite frequently in the night, and not experiencing normal sleep patterns…”

Hayley W. and Davide F.

Port Credit, Canada

Helps me move from an anecdotal place to evidential pieces.” 

"You have to become a researcher, doctor - what should the parent focus on? BeMe helps me!“

“Any correlation/linkages which can show this type of behavior could be because of this, this, this or this - is super helpful!“

Parents with autistic children need to know their children, BeMe helps them do that! BeMe acts as a confidant and support for the parent." 

“Tracking food allowed us to identify new suspected food sensitivities!" 

“Tracking supplements allowed us to create an evolved schedule of administration based on best observations…”


$49 USD monthly
$294 USD Semi-Annually
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BeMe app fee is covered under Autism funding provided by most States in US & Canada. Ask us if this can be covered for you if you are not sure !


USD/billed monthly

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Semi-Annual (6 mo.)

USD/billed semi-anually

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The BeMe app cost may be covered under Autism funding programs
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Remove barriers and understand what helps your child thrive is effortless to use, combining wearable technology and a smartphone app to simplify data entry. Our powerful AI, combined with our unique approach to organizing, transforming, and sharing data, allows you to gain new insights into your child’s health, behavior, and overall progress.

Set your child up for success with rich, personalized insights

The more informed you are about your child and what factors impact them, the better able you are to make positive changes and empower them to thrive. What if you could know that a specific weather event triggers a shutdown in your child? Our machine-learning technology is trained on your child’s data as well as sources like weather, pollutants, and allergens to help give you new insights to improve your child’s life.

Empower everyone in your child’s life with the tools they need to help them thrive

Keeping up with everything in your child’s life is challenging. We’ve created a way for you to build your own personalized content for your child, where you can set and track goals, build habits, and ensure the most important things are top of mind.

A co-pilot for your family

Throughout your child's journey, we make sure your entire care team is in sync, providing you and your child with insights and supporting them in all their endeavors. Onboarding a new care team member can take days. We provide a quick getting started guide, so your entire team is aligned within minutes. By securely collecting biometric, behavioral, environmental and medical data, we help you set expectations for the now, near, and far.

A child’s journey will have challenges. We make those transitions easier.

As your child grows, so does BeMe. Our interface evolves from meeting the needs of your five-year-old who may have limited interaction with our app to those of your tech-savvy 14-year-old. As your child develops, BeMe is with them every step of the way, giving them control as they mature.

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Did you know 90% of Autistic individuals are either overly sensitive to sound, sight, taste, smell, or touch, or barely notice them at all? BeMe can help create awareness of those sensitivities and allow you to take action faster and improve the quality of your child's life.

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