Every Child is Unique...

BeMe empowers Autistic individuals, their families, and care team with the tools they need to thrive. We take a holistic view of things like sleep, nutrition, environment, and other factors to deliver rich insights that help connect the dots between your child and the unknown.

Remove barriers and understand what helps your child thrive is effortless to use, combining wearable technology and a smartphone app to simplify data entry. Our powerful AI, combined with our unique approach to organizing, transforming, and sharing data, allows you to gain new insights into your child’s health, behavior, and overall progress.

Set your child up for success with rich, personalized insights

The more informed you are about your child and what factors impact them, the better able you are to make positive changes and empower them to thrive. What if you could know that a specific weather event triggers a shutdown in your child? Our machine-learning technology is trained on your child’s data as well as sources like weather, pollutants, and allergens to help give you new insights to improve your child’s life.

Did you know that 53% of Autistic children suffer from some level of sleep disorder? BeMe can help you better understand your child's sleep and improve their habits over time.

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Empower everyone in your child’s life with the tools they need to help them thrive

Keeping up with everything in your child’s life is challenging. We’ve created a way for you to build your own personal blueprint for your child, where you can set and track goals, build habits, and ensure the most important things are top of mind.

The BeMe Difference

BeMe uses sophisticated AI to generate near real time insights about your child and give you the tools you need to ensure your family, clinicians, therapists, and care team are collaborating.

Transform data into actionable insights to help your child thrive

Integrate with wearables and other passive devices to make data entry a breeze; now you can spend more time enjoying your child, not on tedious data entry

Make onboarding new care team members simple and ensure everyone is aligned around the same goal with your BeMe Blueprint for success

Organize your files in minutes and help keep therapy plans, invoices, and more top of mind with our intelligent document storage

Reduce the friction between your child and the unknown. BeMe sends you valuable insights throughout the day so you are up to date even when you’re not with your child

Protect your data with the only HIPPA-compliant app for Autism

A co-pilot for your family

Throughout your child's journey, we make sure your entire care team is in sync, providing you and your child with insights and supporting them in all their endeavors. Onboarding a new care team member can take days. We provide a quick getting started guide, so your entire team is aligned within minutes. By securely collecting biometric, behavioral, environmental and medical data, we help you set expectations for the now, near, and far.

Did you know 90% of Autistic individuals are either overly sensitive to sound, sight, taste, smell, or touch, or barely notice them at all? BeMe can help create awareness of those sensitivities and allow you to take action faster and improve the quality of your child's life.

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A child’s journey will have challenges. We make those transitions easier.

As your child grows, so does BeMe. Our interface evolves from meeting the needs of your five-year-old who may have limited interaction with our app to those of your tech-savvy 14-year-old. As your child develops, BeMe is with them every step of the way, giving them control as they mature.

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